CORTNEY TIDWELL's debut full length DON'T LET STARS KEEP US TANGLED UP came out of nowhere: its ravishing guitar pyrotechnics, brittle electronic excursions, intimate torch songs and a duet with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner served as context for TIDWELL's spectacular vocals and ensured critics adored the record. Since the album's release in 2006 it's become something of a word of mouth phenomenon, helped by Ewan Pearson's stunning remix of the title track (#34 in Pitchfork's Tracks of 2007, no less) that continues to win fans amongst the dance community. TIDWELL's also toured with Silver Jews and Andrew Bird, played shows with Martha Wainwright and Grizzly Bear, and collaborated with Fink for his Sideshow project. Now she's back with BOYS, her long awaited second album and her first for City Slang Records, and after two years in the studio the woman described as “Nashville's own Little Sparrow” (an undisguised reference to Edith Piaf) has eclipsed her opening set with nonchalant bravado.
BOYS is the product of her history: it owes as much to Depeche Mode and Joy Division as it does to Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash, and as much, if not more, to Great Britain as to The Grand Ole Opry. It's an unlikely and unworldly mix, flowing effortlessly from Solid State's immaculate equilibrium to the krautrock-inspired Seventeen Horses, and from the John Hughes-esque nostalgia of So We Sing to the homespun R&B-influenced Bad News. There's also the starry-eyed majesty of Palace and the touching innocence of Oh, China, while the archly titled Being Crosby - a duet with Jim James of My Morning Jacket, whose immediate acceptance of her invitation to work together “was a dream come true” - sounds like Joni Mitchell and David Crosby calling to one another across Laurel Canyon. Watusii, on the other hand, offers an icy sparkle that hides a pumping heart and a hook that could land an oil tanker, and Oh, Suicide is so devastating, almost traumatic, that it succeeds, with one simple sleight of hand, in not only breaking your heart but also sending you straight back to the album's start once again.

01. Watusii
02. Son & Moon
03. Being Crosby
04. Oslo
05. So We Sing
06. Palace
07. Bad News
08. Oh, China
09. 17 Horses
10. Oh, Suicide
11. Solid State

Cortney Tidwell


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